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I did not sleep enough for the last 3 nights and noticed an interesting thing. When I was woken up this morning I felt really bad, sleepy, and in general, had a feeling of “I really need to sleep.” But then as the day progressed presence of this feeling was decreasing. Of course, I had some coffee (a cup) and some chocolate (not much) during the day. Still, it’s 9 in the evening and I feel OK!

But that is only my self-awareness. I’m still very irritated and unstable, I could not concentrate on my work during the day… When I read a book to my son in the evening I was yawning, my eyes were teary and I had a hard time just not throwing that book away.

It’s like I was rested enough in the morning to understand I’m not rested enough and then as energy level went down during the day I lost self-awareness.

I’m not complaining though, it just feels like I understood something. I had a new baby two months ago, but we (I and my wife) have managed sleep well enough to be rested. Not constantly, sometimes shit happens (like it did this week), but still. So last week she asked if I remember not having enough sleep with a first child. I do not — but I remember it was wild, sometimes nights of only 3-4 hours of sleep.

I think this is it. I just had no self-awareness. But I remember not having enough energy to read a book to a small one. I hated it at times.

But I love it right now. :)

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