My name is Alexander Solovyov. I’m a software engineer - though I took part in all aspects of development, started my career as a Linux admin and then progressed to a CTO for a team of ~40 people, and then a Chief Product Officer as well. Tech-wise, my career was Python, then JavaScript, then Clojure.

I’ve spent most of my career at start-ups or companies close to being to start-up. I’ve been an early adopter of Django framework (early 2007 professionally), React (we started building an app in React just 3 months after release), and then converted a whole company to Clojure (for efficiency - and it paid off and continues to do so).

I’ve been an active member of Ukrainian’s Python, JavaScript and Clojure communities. One reason I’ve became known to a wider audience was a talk I gave about FRP, JavaScript and ClojureScript called Coding UI painlessly. My frustrations with building UIs in Backbone.js led me to search for a greener pasture. Weirdly enough, that talk happened just 3 months before the release of React, which solved most of my pain points.

Channels I maintain are Twitter @asolovyov, Telegram Bite the Byte and a Youtube channel.

Outside of work, I’m a father to a son and a daughter, and they are a constant source of delight and frustration alike. :)

If you want to contact me, use my email: