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So I’ve decided once again I dislike having my mail client opened in one of the browser tabs and I want it somehow separate. I’m still unsure why’d I got this feeling, but I like the result - read on if you’re interested.

I went with - free version at first. I’ve put it on Cmd-Ctrl-] and it’s been working pretty okay for some time, so I’ve bit the bullet and paid all the whopping 5$!

Which makes it really good: I’ve put an icon, made it fullscreen (wow, nobody can distract me now when I’m replying to emails - since I turn off popups for everything), and made it display amount of unread email in Inbox with this userscript (yes, it has userscripts and some API):

function setDockBadge(badge) {
    window.fluid.dockBadge = badge || '';

function getUnread() {
  // Extract unread message count from title and set dockBadge
  // There is no "Inbox" in this regex to work around different gmail-languages.
  var re = /\s*\((\d+)\)[^\d]*/;
  var parent = document.querySelector('[role=navigation]');
  if (!parent) return;
  var el = parent.querySelector('a[href$="#inbox"]');
  var badge = el && el.title.match(re);
  return badge && badge[1];

function updateDockBadge() {
  var unread = getUnread();

setInterval(updateDockBadge, 1000);

(yeah, I don’t need to parse unread counter here - I’ll never reuse the code anyway, but somehow this makes me feel cleaner)

So yeah, now it’s sitting on a full screen single hotkey away with an unread message count badged on top of an icon. Feels good.

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