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Читаю и рыдаю. ;)

From: Odhiambo Washington
Subject: Re: [vexim] Unknown User
To: vexim mailing list

* On 02/11/06 09:36 +0000, Adam Sweet wrote:
| Alexander Solovyov wrote:
| > Ave, Mark Tinka.
| > According to your message:
| >
| >> I've tried working with the 'local_part_suffix = +* : -*' and
| >> 'local_part_suffix_optional' Exim directives, with no joy.
| >
| > Try 'local_part_suffix = +*' or delete local_part_* lines completely.
| >
| Is this change in the nightly snapshot?

It's in the default configure file!

Changing it in the default is not a good idea. It stops guys from ever
getting to learn about suffixes ;)

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